Gismos for Stormwater Runoff

Heinz G. Stefan Award Ceremony

Award Recipient: Mirko Musa, PhD Candidate, Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering, University of Minnesota

Distinguished Speaker: John Gulliver, Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering, University of Minnesota

Technology for stormwater treatment has different challenges from water treatment and wastewater treatment.  First, the stormwater control measure needs to be applied throughout the watershed, such that maintenance is infrequent on these disperse practices.  Second, the water to be treated tends to flow more infrequently than water or wastewater, resulting in a different paradigm for stormwater control measures.  Still, much can be learned from water and wastewater treatment processes as long as these two challenges are taken into account, because stormwater treatment is, in comparison, in its infancy.

This talk will discuss three technologies that have been developed for stormwater treatment to assist in the choice of stormwater control measures:  first, a falling head infiltrometer that can be used to determine the saturated hydraulic conductivity at multiple locations simultaneously; second, a baffle that will turn a standard sump into a stormwater control device; third, an enhanced sand filter that will remove phosphate from stormwater runoff before it reaches the receiving water body.  The challenges of stormwater treatment will be discussed en route.