SAFL has a long-standing reputation for providing independent, robust testing services for a variety of applications. In a laboratory setting, we offer accurate weigh tanks and volumetric tanks for calibration testing of flow meters, bedload samplers, and other devices used to measure flow and transport. 

Testing Services
Examples include testing of:

  • Inline underground stormwater treatment devices
  • Stormwater sediment and soluble removal technologies
  • Aeration technologies per ASCE standard
  • Flow meters, discharge meters, bedload and suspend load sediment sampling equipment
  • Field performance of stormwater treatment devices and infiltration systems

Monitoring involves field work where we instrument an existing waterbody, river, or engineered device in the field and measure its performance. During the monitoring process, we set up sensors at the client’s sites and test performance under natural inputs of water, weather, human factors, and other conditions of interest.

  • Our expertise in sensors and data acquisition allows us to design accurate sensors to meet a client’s measurement requirements.
  • We specialize in a wide variety of field equipment, plus our wireless communications knowledge ensures that data is collected accurately, backed up, and readily available.

Typical Projects
Examples include monitoring of:

  • Lake water quality, stormwater runoff, or rainfall and weather
  • River scour depths at a bridge crossing
  • Performance of infiltration ponds or stormwater treatment devices during a storm
  • Pressures and water depth in a pipe during rain events