As technologies change, measuring devices get smaller and more accurate. They allow for higher sampling rates, have lower power requirements, and more sophisticated communication capabilities. SAFL is a leader in integrating technologies into research tools that help our researchers and clients. Here are some examples of recent SAFL innovations:


Sensor Integration
Bundling sensors together into a cluster is important for field monitoring and laboratory work because it allows for more robust date collection across a field site. SAFL has expertise in sensor integration and field deployment. One example: a wireless network array of five sites where environmental and water quality sensor data is integrated and viewed remotely.

Data Acquisition
Acquiring data for a project requires designing data collection approaches that can accommodate budget, research goals, and environmental conditions. SAFL understands how to develop high-quality, effective systems to match budgetary constraints. Our expertise spans from data loggers to more advanced PC-based data acquisition platforms.

Data Carriages
Our carriages provide precise three-axis positioning for a sensor suite to collect data in indoor flumes and channels as well as outdoor field sites. Our carriage is powered by a data acquisition software package built for robust, research-grade applications. The software provides researchers with comprehensive header information, backup and recovery protection, and assurance that data timing and position are accurately measured and recorded.