Modeling and understanding the unsteady flow dynamics and temperature distributions in a river-reservoir system under different upstream releases and meteorological scenarios

Heinz G. Stefan Fellowship Award Ceremony: 

Award Winner: Jiaqi You, PhD Student in Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering


Keynote Speaker: Xing Fang, Arthur H. Feagin Chair Professor of Civil Engineering, Auburn University


In this seminar, a brief introduction and review of various studies and papers will be presented first to demonstrate how previous research was to understand the connections of hydrodynamics, water quality variables and fish habitat in aquatic systems (streams, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries). The focus of the presentation will be the modeling and understanding of density current movement and temperature dynamics of a river-reservoir in Alabama. During the summer, there were more or less regularly daily repeated large releases from the upstream reservoir. Flow and temperature dynamics are closely connected to daily repeated large releases from upstream (lasted a few hours in each day), climate variations (over a day and cooling/warming scenarios), and power plant operations (in the middle of and at the downstream end of the reservoir). The release management is to increase the efficiency of the power plant and minimize the environmental impacts.


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