SAFL ecology research featured on Aquatic Ecology Journal Cover

The Aquatic Ecology journal is self-described as "A Multidisciplinary Journal Relating to Processes and Structures at Different Organizational Levels."

The following research is published in the December issue of the quarterly journal publication with the cover of the journal being an image from research conducted in the SAFL EcoLab. 

Influence of fluid motion on growth and vertical distribution of cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa

This experiment was conducted by Shahram Missaghi to investigate how fluid motion influences the growth and vertical variability of M aeruginosa algae. Fluid velocities were measured using two-dimensional partical image velocimetry in the plankton stratification tower facility located at SAFL.

These results can be used to develop models of the distribution of algae that can improve aquatic ecosystem management. 


Conclusion: Under controlled turbulence experimental conditions, we quantified the influence of fluid motion on both M. aeruginosa growth rate and its vertical cell distribution. A range of optimal turbulence levels, quantified by depth-averaged energy dissipation rates, from hei = 4 9 10-6 to 10-4 m2 s-3 created a facilitated growth zone of M. aeruginosa. The facilitated growth rates were strongly correlated with the vertical cell distribution. The findings suggest that the growth of M. aeruginosa and its vertical distribution are coupled. The growth rates of M. aeruginosa were suppressed at hei[2.8 9 10-4 m2 s-3 and were not influenced byturbulence for hei\4 9 10-6 m2 s-3. 


Collaborators: Shahram Missaghi, Miki Hondzo, Chao Sun and Michele Guala

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