Vaughan Voller

Vaughan Voller’s principal research interest is developing numerical and mathematical techniques for computational models to describe and understand heat and mass transport phenomenon. A core theme has been constructing methodology for handling free and moving boundary value problems associated with phase-change systems. Key examples include:  finite element-based modeling of melting and solidification phenomena, crystal growth, hydraulic fracturing, polymer mold filling, transport in porous media, and the formation of sedimentary deltas.

Voller and his group also have a strong interest in exact mathematical treatments such as studying analytical solutions of phase-change/moving-boundary problems related to crystal growth and sedimentary deltas, and investigating the applications of fractional calculus to describe non-local diffusive transport systems.  In contrast to this more rigorous mathematical work, his group also has an emerging interest in developing reduced complexity rule-based models of mass transport systems with particular emphasis on creating channel resolving models of sedimentary deltas.