Roger Arndt


Roger Arndt’s major research interests are in the area of fluid mechanics with emphasis on turbulent shear flows and vortex flows; cavitation; aeroacoustics including jet noise and turbomachinery noise; alternate energy with an emphasis on hydropower and wind turbine technology; and aeration technology with a view toward developing cost-effective environmental remediation techniques. His research experience includes cavitation in pumps, turbines and marine propellers; supercavitation, investigation of noise radiation mechanisms in turbulent shear flows, bubbly flows, and helicopter and jet noise. His work on the principles of bubble formation in turbulent shear flows has helped to design more efficient aeration equipment and supercavitating vehicle ventilation.

His experience in the design of research facilities for cavitation and hydroacoustics has led to the design responsibility for three major hydroacoustic research facilities in the U.S., Germany, and Korea. His industrial experience includes underwater rocket propulsion, high-speed marine vehicles, and waterjet propulsion.