Lian Shen


Lian Shen's research emphases include:

  • Computational fluid dynamics (DNS and LES of turbulent flows; simulation of free-surface flows; computation of nonlinear waves)
  • Turbulent boundary layers at smooth and rough undulatory surfaces (Flow over wavy boundaries; wind-wave interaction; marine atmospheric boundary layer)
  • Free-surface and multi-fluids flows (Free-surface turbulence; interfacial transport; wave-turbulence interaction; wave breaking)
  • Sustainable energy (Ocean wave and wind as renewable energy resources; floating wind turbines; wave energy converters)
  • Environmental fluid mechanics (Transport at water surface and effect of surfactants; air-water transfer of heat and greenhouse gases)
  • Radiative transfer (Optics in water environment; hydrodynamic-optical effect on ecological-biogeochemical systems)
  • Scientific computing and modeling (High-performance large-scale parallel computing; data-intensive computing; multi-physics modeling)