Water Power

SAFL has a long history and tradition of excellence in hydropower research.   While we continue strong research programs in this area, we have broadened our focus to encompass emerging water power technologies based on marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) devices.  SAFL’s unique research flumes, like the Main Channel, and state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics tools have positioned the laboratory at the center of the national effort to advance MHK technologies as an efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly approach for harnessing power from water resources.  

Focus Areas

  • MHK research:
    • Hydrodynamics of MHK devices
    • Site-specific optimization of multi-device arrays
    • Device-geomorphology interactions
    • Device-biota interactions
  • Hydropower research:
    • Cavitation
    • Dissolved gases in spillways
    • Fish passage
    • Controlled sediment release
    • Spillway design and redesign for increased flood levels