Maria Garcia-Serrana receives the Edward Silberman Award

Maria Garcia-Serrana, a Civil Engineering PhD student at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory was awarded the Edward Silberman Award during a special SAFL seminar on November 15, 2016. The Silberman Award is awarded annually for outstanding research at SAFL. The fellowship award is paid for in honor of Edward Silberman by his family and friends to acknowledge his contribution to the lab. Maria received the award for her civil engineering research titled, "Roadside Drainage Ditches: First Generation Stormwater BMPs". 

Maria’s research presents an interdisciplinary connection between transportation projects and stormwater management. Although not designed specifically for water quality treatment, vegetated roadside drainage ditches operate like buffer strips. Her research analyzes the infiltration performance of vegetated roadside drainage ditches, or swales, to establish methods by which these ditches can be assigned pollution prevention credit. 

The award ceremony was followed with a presentation by the distinguished speaker, Dr. Steven Ceccio from the University of Michigan. His presentation was on "Bubbly Shock Propogation and the Transition to Partial Cavity Shedding."

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