Hang Wang Receives Lorenz G. Straub Award

Hang Wang, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the University of Queensland, Australia, was awarded the Lorenz G. Straub Award during a special SAFL seminar on October 11, 2016. The Lorenz G. Straub Award is awarded annually for the most meritorious thesis in hydraulic engineering, ecohydraulics, or a related field. Applicants are internationally entered and nominations may be made by any recognized civil and environmental engineering program in the world. 

Wang was awarded the Straub Award medalion, a monetary award, and a place for his name and photo to stay alongside almost 50 years of other distinguished Straub Award winners. 

The award ceremony was followed with a presentation by the distinguished speaker, Dr. Steven Ceccio from the University of Michigan. His presentation was on "Bubbly Shock Propogation and the Transition to Partial Cavity Shedding."

Read more about Dr. Wang's and Dr. Ceccio's presentation.

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