Featured Project: Broadway Lift Pumping Station Physical Model


Project Summary:

In Summer 2011, the City of Minot, North Dakota experienced a large flood that resulted in the evacuation of over 10,000 people and widespread destruction along the Souris (Mouse) River. In response to the flooding, the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan was developed to provide additional flood protection along the Mouse River throughout North Dakota. In Minot, the most populated area along the river, this protection includes significant additional levees and large pumping stations to pump storm water from the city during flood and moderate rainfall events. A team of consultants is currently designing the levee protection systems and associated new pumping stations that can manage future flood and storm water events to minimize damage to property and infrastructure.

SAFL was contacted to build a 1:7-scaled physical model of a proposed pumping station in Minot, ND. At full-scale, the station can pump up to 224,000 GPM (gallons per minute) of stormwater, using up to seven pumps. The model was constructed at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (view our construction time-lapse video below) and includes portions of the two inlets into the pumping station, the inlet junction chamber, and the wet wells with associated pumps. The testing program looks to mitigate adverse flow entering the pumps to ensure reliable operation during storm events and reduced maintenance/damage to the pumps.  Numerous combinations of water surface elevations and pumping operations are being considered and tested.


Results from this study will provide information and guidance to project engineers on lift station design to mitigate adverse flow conditions affecting the pumps, operation sequence of pumps for various conditions, and that the overall pumping station design adheres to accepted standards of pumping station design. 


MWH Americas, Inc.

Principle Investigator(s):

Jeff Marr, SAFL Associate Director of Facilities and Engineering,  St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota

Project Details:

The project commenced in Spring 2016 and will be completed by Fall 2016.

Project Report:

In Progress.