Main Channel


Main ChannelThe St. Anthony Fall Laboratory's largest research channel is a straight, concrete channel that is built into the building itself. It is used for a broad range of research that includes: hydraulic modeling, pipe/meter testing, geomorphic experiments, and marine hydrokinetic research. This facility can be run in a flow-through mode or as a ponded system depending on a project's needs.


  • 2.75 m wide x 1.8 m deep x 83.8 m long
  • 300 cfs (8,500 l/s)
  • 300 ft3/s (8.5 m3/s) flow rates of river water
  • 0.17 slope
  • Wave generator
  • Sediment flux monitoring and recirculation system
  • data acquisition carriage

Publications & Projects

See below for publications and projects associated with SAFL's Main Channel facility: