Offering the Location and Tools You Need

SAFL leads in laboratory-based experimental water resources research and testing, and we are fully equipped to perform virtually any water- or wind-related measurement. We offer an extensive inventory of up-to-date, commercially available hydraulic and environmental measurement tools.

  • Flumes and Channels – Hydraulic structures, sediment transport, bridge scour, hydrokinetic energy production, effects of turbulence on biogeochemical processes, and more
  • Tunnels and Towers – High speed flow, wind energy, turbulence, cavitating and ventilated flow, other bubbly flows, plankton stratification, and more
  • SAFL EcoLab – Interactions among fundamental fluid mechanics, microbiological processes, and chemical reactions that are mediated by biological organisms

To download a full copy of our facilities book, click here.

We also develop advanced technologies for faster, larger, and more precise data collection techniques:

  • Automated positioning and measurement platforms
  • Automated water surface profilers
  • Digital imaging systems
  • Suspended dynamic pressure and force measurement
  • Sediment flux measurement

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