General Purpose Flumes

These general purpose flumes are used for studying a wide range of general purpose research projects including open channel and sediment transportation phenomena. The flumes are all simple to use, easily configurable and have access to river water flow.


6-inch flumes 20-inch flume 24-inch flume

12.2 m long x 0.2 m wide x 0.4 m deep (40 ft  x 0.5 ft  x 1.26 ft)

Max discharge 0.5 cfs (14.2 l/s)

Recirculating flow

Wave maker

Choice of two flumes

Glass walls

9.1 m long x 0.5 m wide x 0.7 m deep (30 ft x 1.7 ft  x 2.3 ft 

Max discharge 5 cfs (142.6 l/s)

Recirculating flow

Multi-axis positioning system

Glass walls

15.2 m long x 0.6 m wide x 0.4 m deep (50 ft x 2 ft x 1.25 ft)

Max discharge 4 cfs (113.3 l/s)

Glass walls

Publications & Projects

See below for publications and projects associated with SAFL's General Purpose Flumes