Eolos Wind Energy Research Station

The Eolos Wind Energy Research Station is located at UMore Park, a 5,000-acre University-owned property in Dakota County, Minnesota (approximately 25 miles southeast of the Twin Cities campus). Fifty acres on the eastern portion of UMore Park have been dedicated to the research station, which will include a 2.5 MW Clipper Liberty turbine and a 130m (426 ft) tall meteorological tower. This site will host not only active consortium research, but also education and training of next generation wind industry personnel.

The supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system will be housed onsite and connected to the turbine via dedicated fiber. The system is designed to collect data relating to all aspects of the turbine’s operation and will allow the operators to control and manage the system remotely. The SCADA will be continuously monitored both onsite and at Clipper to ensure peak performance of the turbine.