SAFL Video a Winner of the 2011 APS Gallery of Fluid Motion Competition: Vortex Dynamics In the Human Heart

Every year, the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics
(APS-DFD) hosts a physical Gallery of Fluid Motion (GFM) at its annual
meeting—a room where stunning graphics and videos from computational or
experimental studies showing flow phenomena are displayed. The most
outstanding entries are selected by a panel of referees for artistic content
and honored for their scientific originality and ability to convey
information. The 2011 APS-DFD conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland
(November 20-22) and 74 entries were submitted in the video portion of the
GFM. The SAFL video was one of the 6 winners announced at the end of the

The video is entitled: Vortex Formation and Instability in the Left
Ventricle.  It shows the first high resolution numerical simulation of the
formation and breakdown of the mitral vortex ring during the diastolic
filling of an anatomic human left ventricle.  The video contains a stunning
virtual reality visualization of the intricate mitral vortex ring structure
recorded on the PowerWall of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

The work is a collaboration between Trung Le and Fotis Sotiropoulos (Civil
Engineering & SAFL) and Dane Coffey and Daniel Keefe (Computer Science &
Engineering) and was partly supported by the National Institutes of Health.
The calculations and visualizations were carried out on MSI supercomputers.


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