Straub Award Recipients


The Lorenz G. Straub award for a particular year is typically presented about two years after the research was completed. For example, the 2013 Straub Award was actually presented in October, 2015. The award year represented below is the year the dissertation was completed. Once all submissions are received, the dissertations are sent to judges for thorough reading, review, evaluation and ranking. This can take considerable time, as the Straub Award judges are ordinarily full-time working professors with many obligations and deadlines.
Award Year Recipient Dissertation University
2016 Conrad Wasko Continuous Rainfall Simulation in a Warmer Climate University of New South Wales
2015 Filip Schuurman Bar and Channel Evolution in Meandering and Braiding Rivers using Physics-based Modeling Universiteit Utrecht
2014 Hang Wang "Turbulence and Air Entrainment in Hydraulic Jumps" University of Queensland, Australia
2013 Esther Eke “Meander Migration Modeling with the Incorporation of Erosional and Depositional Bank Processes” University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign
2012 Yeping Yuan “Impacts of Lateral Spreading and Upstream Conditions on Buoyant River Plumes: Mixing, Structure and Plume Dynamics” University of Washington 
2011 Bing Wang "Multiscale Numerical Simulations of a Complex Macrotidal Tidal-River Estuary"  Stanford University
2010 Michael Cardiff "Data Integration and Inverse Methods for Characterization of Multicomponent Hydrologic Systems" Stanford University 
2009 Edmund Tedford "Laboratory, Field and Numerical Investigations of Holmboe's Instability" University of British Columbia
2008 Jorge D. Abad "Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics in Kinoshita Meandering Channels"  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2007 Mariano Cantero "Modeling and Large Scale Simulations of Thermohaline and Particulate Density Currents" University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2006 Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy "Energetics and dynamics of internal waves on a shelf break using numerical simulations."  Stanford University 
2005 Marco Ghisalberti "Momentum and scalar transport in vegetated shear flows" Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
2004 Michael L. MacWilliams "Three-dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulation of River Channels and Floodplains".  Stanford University
2003 Patricia M. Saco "Flow dynamics in large river basins: Self-similar network structure and scale effects" University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
2002 Emily A. Zedler "Large Eddy Simulation of Sediment Transport in Oscillatory Flow over Wavy Terrain" Stanford University
2001 John Philipp Vitkovsky "Inverse Analysis and Modelling of Unsteady Pipe Flow: Theory, Applications and Experimental Verification."  University of Adelaide, Australia
2000 Dragoslav Stefanovic "Two Dimensional Modeling of Connective Exchange Processes in Stratified Lakes" University of Minnesota


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