Research in the wind tunnel

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) offers engineering services that combine the experience and expertise of our engineers and technicians with our cutting-edge facilities. Our team approaches research and testing with a strong foundation in fundamental fluid mechanics, physics, and mechanics. Bottom line: we develop creative and cost-effective engineering solutions to our clients' complex problems.

Focus Areas

  • Measurements & Data Acquisition – Development of custom field- or laboratory-based data acquisition systems, data telemetry systems, and sensor positioning carriages
  • Modeling – Physical and computation modeling of environmental, hydraulic, and energy capture systems
  • Testing & Monitoring – Third-party evaluation of sensors, meters, stormwater technologies, aerators, and other devices and processes

Contact: Jeff Marr, Associate Director of Engineering and Facilities, for more information: or 612-624-4427. 


Featured Projects
  • River modeling for environmental protection and restoration
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Water quality of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs
  • Hydropower plants and hydraulic structures
  • Wind engineering
  • Performance and calibration testing