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While studying the hearing capabilities of bald and golden eagles, University of Minnesota researchers will also test the hearing of red-tailed hawks in an effort to understand the important similarities with bald and golden eagles.


This comparison between eagles and red-tailed hawks could allow future researchers to use the hawks as surrogates in future eagle research. This approach could be used to increase the number of subjects in field-based tests, which would allow scientists to collect data quicker, easier, and with fewer challenges. It will also provide direct information on bald and golden eagle hearing to help design better deterrent devices. 

Purdue University will characterize the specifics of how golden eagles see and hear; Purdue researchers will then provide this information to technology developers, so they can build signaling systems specifically tuned to golden eagle eyes and ears. The goal is to collect data for future systems that could make it easier for golden eagles to detect and avoid wind turbines


1) Is there a partnership between Purdue and UMN?

2) Is Eolos involved at all?

3) Why is data collection with eagles hard? Why do this at all?

4) Predictions for the future?

5) Who is working on it?

6) How is the research being collected? What is being measured and compared?



(negotiations maybe to end by February)